Basic Traditional Goldsmithing


Projects: Weeks 1-4
Cold Work in Wire and Sheet

Week 1-Forged Copper Bracelet
5.0mm. diameter, 7.0" long wire

Week 2-Copper and Steel Grape Vine Earrings
1.2mm. diameter, 0.75" diameter copper wire hoop, 1.2mm. diameter mild steel wire of three stretched coils each "vine"


Week 3-Copper Spiral Curve Ring
1.2mm.-1.6mm. diameter, 4.5" long wire

Week 4-Sawing and Filing Exercise
2.0" square, 0.5mm. thick copper sheet


Project: Weeks 5-8
Pieces Requiring Soldering

Forged, Formed and Soldered Copper Chain w/Toggle
2mm. diameter wire, 0.5" diameter links, approximately 22" long chain

Detail of Forged, Formed and Soldered Copper Chain w/Toggle


Project: Weeks 9-10

Pierced and Soldered Copper Pendant w/Copper Twist Wire Border
1.5" diameter, 0.5mm. thick copper sheet, 1.0mm. square wire


Project: Weeks 10-12

Black Onyx Cabochon Pendant in Copper Bezel w/Sterling Twist Wire Border
0.85" diameter, 16mm. Onyx cabochon, 0.5mm. copper sheet for bezel and floor,
2 pieces 1.0mm. round sterling wire twisted together, flat sterling wire bail, commercial sterling snake chain


Additional Cold Work Wire Projects

Copper Roman Cloak Pin
2.5mm. diameter wire,  approximately 1.75" circle

Copper Celtic Hair Ornaments
Top: 2mm. diameter copper wire, 9.5" long excluding pick
Bottom: 2.0mm. diameter wire, 15" long including pick


Copper Link Bracelets
Top: 2.0mm. diameter wire, each link 2.0", 7.75" overall length
Bottom: 2.0mm. diameter wire, each  link 1.5", 7.75" overall length, ends of links are forged


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